"When you reach the end of the rope, tie a knot in it and hang on"

Thomas Jefferson




There is nothing more empowering than a group of women sitting down together sharing experiences. You can feel the energy, as connections are made and the women begin to share, support, care and laugh together.

It is our priviledge to be part of their journey and we are continuously inspired by each and everyone of their capablilities and achievements.


Pink Ladies Rock!

Maria and Sheila



P is for positive, no negatives here


I for inspired, our message is clear


N is for naughty which we often are


K is for kindness, it helps you go far


L is for laughter, it's what helps  us cope


A for achievement to build up your hope


D for development, what you can do


I for involvement with others like you


E for encouragement when you feel blue


and S is for sisters from all walks of life


Who bring us their troubles, their hassles and strife


You won't be alone here, you can find a friend


A shoulder to cry on, an ear to lend


So if life is dreadful, you've tears in your eyes


Come in to Pink Ladies, you'll get a surprise


We'll help with your problems no matter how small


We'll change how you're feeling, we won't let you fall
Francesca Stewart 2012





 My Poem for Pink Ladies

by Karla Colvin



Pink Ladies mean so much to me

They've helped me such a lot

They came into my life just when

I thought I'd lost the plot.


My confidence was battered

My life was in a sham

I did not want to be here

I closed up like a clam


Such friends I've made since that first day

They have their problems too

But we all bounce off each other

In a way that such friends do.



Three special ladies we do have 

To guide us on their way

Without them don't know what we'd do

God bless them every day.



They are there for us whenever

At any time of day

Three cheers now for Pink Ladies

Hip Hip Hip Hip Hooray.





"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes"

Oscar Wilde