"Even if you fall on your face your still moving forward"

Victor Kiam

Can I self refer?

We accept referrals from your GP, CPN, Social worker, or any other agency working with you, but yes, you can also self refer.


I feel anxious about starting a new class, how would you help me with my fear?

It can be quite scary to attend a new group, so to help overcome this, we encourage you to bring a friend or relative for support on your first day, if thats not possible, we have experienced peer support workers who will be only too pleased to help ease your fears.


What will I do during the class?

Our classes are very relaxed and hopefully full of fun, at the beginning of the course it will be about relaxation and positive thinking and input is at your own pace so no pressure.


What about confidentiality?

Ground rules are made by each group, one of the most frequent rules is confidentiality, it's important to us that you feel safe enough to know what's said in the class remains in the class.


What happens if I miss one class?

If you miss a class we will make sure you are given the handouts you missed and, as we are inclined to recap previous weeks, you should be able to catch up quickly.


What happens when the course ends?

When the course ends you will be invited to take a place on the next course, we understand that as it is a full programme to take on board it's sometimes usful to repeat the course again. It is also our intention to continue to source funding in order to provide an ongoing support group.


Is this an NHS funded organisation?

Pink Ladies 1st are a registered Scottish charity that receives funding from various sources. At present we are funded by The Alliance Scotand, MELDAP and Midlothian Council/ NHS. Past funders include Fairer Scotland Fund, Scottish Community Foundation, Pfitzer and Awards for All, also some kind donations from supporters.


What will happen to Pink Ladies 1st if you don't get further funding?

Well, good question! But don't worry; we have no intentions of going anywhere!! We will continue to source funding and hopefully become a permanent resource, enabling us to, along with other agencies, support you in your recovery.


"If there is no struggle, there is no progress"

Frederick Douglass